easiest way to learn how to mine dogecoin


Read this latest blog post to learn about how to mine dogecoin digital currency using the best hardware and software and also find out how to make doge coins for free using android.

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Easy Way To Learn How To Mine Dogecoin

best way to learn how to mine dogecoin

Dogecoin is one of the Cryptocurrencies. It started as a satire or sarcasm but ended up grabbing people’s attention at its best. It was invented by two software engineers who wanted to create a payment system that is instant and free from conventional banking methods and fees. The mining of dogecoin refers to the process of creating a block of transactions to be added to the Dogecoin blockchain or a process of verifying a block of Cryptocurrency. Miners play a significant as well as critical role in the Dogecoin network by ensuring Dogecoin transactions between users are verified and added to the blockchain public ledger, and with the help of a miner, new coins can be generated without the need for a mediator central authority.
Now, to learn how to mine dogecoin, first, you need to consider the following few factors and need to follow the steps.

Solo Mining And Mining Pool

learn what is solo mining and mining pool

There are two ways of mining dogecoin. One way is solo mining, which is done by yourself and the other way is through mine pool. A dogecoin mining online pool refers to a group of users who share their computing power to increase the odds of getting rewarded by winning the race and confirming transactions. A Mine pool has many nodes and when one of the nodes in a pool confirms a transaction, the awarded Dogecoin cryptocurrency is dived among all the miners who are part of the mining pool.
Now the cryptocurrency enthusiasts must be confused among both the ways as to what to choose. If you are new to cryptocurrency mining, that it better for you to go to a mining pool because a pool mines much more often than a solo miner and you will be able to get a steady supply of new Dogecoin. The awarded price will be shared among other miners and you have to pay fees to use it but you will not have to wait much to mine your first block of cryptocurrency. However, in the case of solo mining, you might have to wait for a long period to confirm a transaction because there is a lot of competition. However, as soon as your transaction is confirmed, the whole reward will be yours, you will not have to share it either pay any fee. 
After analyzing all the factors, it is recommended for you choose a mining pool. The best available options for the dogecoin mining pool are Multipool or AikaPool
Now the question arises that how to mine dogecoin?

How To Start Mining Dogecoin?

where and how to start mining dogecoin currency

To start the mining of Dogecoin, you are required to have some basic things. Those things include a stable internet connection, a computer with either Windows or Linux operating system, and somewhere to store the Dogecoin you possess and willing to mine. For this, you can choose any software wallet such as Coinbase. Once you have all these essentials, you are all set to start mining your Dogecoin but before that, you start the process, you are required to choose Dogecoin mining hardware and software. Below are few suggestions for mining hardware and software.

Dogecoin Mining Hardware And Software

what is doge coin mining harhware and software

To mine Dogecoin, your own PC’s CPU can be used as it is powerful enough to bear the entire process, but it is not much preferable as mining is a complex task, and it can cause your computer to overheat resulting in damage to the system. The other option is that you will need to purchase special computer hardware which is commonly known as Graphical Processing Unit (GPU). While choosing a GPU, you need to consider several important things, and one of them is the hash rate. It is the speed at which the mining device operates, and this hash rate is an important factor in the process of mining Ethereum. There is a device composed of more than one Graphical Processing Unit which is known as a mining rig, often used by the miners to enhance the hash rate. A higher hash rate enhances the chances of successful mining. To mine dogecoin with GPU, NVidia GeForce GTX is the best choice. 
Once you are done with selecting the hardware, the next step is to select software to mine Dogecoin.
Whatever hardware you are using, you are required to get the software as well. The compatibility between software and hardware is very important. Therefore, you need to select software that goes well with your hardware.
If you are using your own PC’s CPU then you can download a free dogecoin miner, known as a CPU miner. This works well if you want to give a quick try to mining.
However, if you are using Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) as hardware, then you can get more than one option. One of the free dogecoin miners that go well with NVidia products is CudaMiner. Other than this one, two other available options will work well with the GPU known as CGMiner and EasyMiner. These both are user-friendly and best for beginners who are giving the first try to the mining of Dogecoin.
Regardless of all this, one more option awaits for you if you want to mine Dogecoin but not through the conventional way. There is one more way where you will not have to invest in all the tech that is cloud mining dogecoin.

Dogecoin Cloud Mining

For cloud mining, Dogecoin, get your computer power from a data center. The Dogecoin will be mined at the center, and your share will be sent to you. Cloud mining is very simple. All you need is to have a Dogecoin wallet where Dogecoin Cryptocurrency is stored. Furthermore, you are required to join a Cloud mining pool. A few cloud mining groups such as Nicehash and Genesis Mining are the best options for cloud mining pools. Cloud mining is preferred for beginners because it is free from all technical formalities. Cloud mining is beneficial because it is very cheap while setting up your mining operation costs you a lot. Moreover, you will not have to face the mess of hardware all around and you will be getting a steady supply of new Dogecoin Cryptocurrency regularly. But along with all the benefits, you also have to bear some cons. One of them is those cloud mining groups. Because these cloud mining groups have fixed contracts you must not be oblivious to the fluctuations in the price value of cryptocurrency. If the price goes down, you will have to bear an unprofitable deal for a long period.

Dogecoin Mining Profitability

The current worth of one Dogecoin to USD is about $0.05. The profit-making making in Dogecoin mining is slow considering its price value, and it will not bring you a lot of profits overnight. 
However, the profit depends on your choices, and it could be maximum if you do the mining smartly. If you choose solo Dogecoin mining, then it will be hard for you to make profits quickly since the confirmation of transactions in solo mining takes a lot of time, and you will also have to invest in hardware and electricity, which will cut your profit. Hence, with a mining pool or cloud mining pool, you will get to make maximum profit.

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